Kanye West Yeezy Christain Academy and Yeezy shelters.

Multi Genius Billionaire, Kanye West has been a long time planning to build affordable housing, previously they were destroyed by authorities for being too high, now he is back with them following the previously missed rules and regulations, Yeezy has been proving the naysayers wrong for a long time and now Kanye West introduces Yeezy Christain Academy and Yeezy shelters.



The design of the Yeezy houses is unique and unconventional like the majority of Mr.Wests work Looking at the initial designs the homes seem to be something inspired by Star Wars Semi futuristic and semi ancient in this stage the architect seems to be inspired by artist James Turrel with whom west has been closely working with from some time now.

Kanye West now a billionaire is aiming towards the goal of becoming the most influential architect of all time. It is considered that YZY Shelters as called by Kanye himself are going to be a major cultural change in how we live, West explained that his YZY SHLTRS are affordable housing options for the homeless as disclosed by West with his 2019 interview with Forbes.


The affordable structures seem to be a concrete base wooden frame dome with an opening at the top, most probably for the natural lighting, Kanye has been pressing on sustainable development and using natural resources for the betterment of the environment with his multi-billion dollar brand Yeezy, In January (2018), 552,830 people were counted as homeless in the United States. Of those, 194,467 (35 percent) were unsheltered, and 358,363 (65 percent) were sheltered. Yeezy shelters want to help this population get a house and jobs in the maintenance and construction of this grand project.

The above are the torn down structures of the Yeezy shelters, below is the new progress Kanye shared on his Twitter handle currently being built in Wyoming on his personal multi thousand-acre property.

This is where the YEEZY CHRISTAIN ACADEMY (YCA) is going to flourish according to Kanye West a vision of his that was highlighted and will be made the center of attention in the coming 2024 Elections. Kanye after losing the 2020 Presidential Run now aims to win the 2024 Elections to be the president of the United States of America.


Kanye West tweeted a poster for Yeezy Christain Academy.

No solid description is given about this endeavor of the "Jesus is King" rapper but as far as we know YCA will change the way we consume and grow food while learning new things to sustain ourselves, Physics and farming are the main focus as of now as told by Yeezy in the Joe Rogan Podcast. The farm's primitive stage pictures can be seen in some of the hundreds of tweets Kanye Tweeted around September 2020.

The photograph is titled YZY Farm in the post on Kanyes tweet

Not much can be said but all the information that we have so far indicates that Yeezy homes are going to be something that will surely make an impact like all of the Yeezy projects whether it is his music or shoes and apparel, Yeezy houses will bring a new style of house designing soon.


The structure that Kanye is creating seems to be synonymous with the design of artist James Turrel that has been working on the project, He brings a zen and meditative vibe to the architecture with the help of diffused colored LED lights and creative use of the sky and natural lighting and space that relates to the Japanese art of wabi-sabi, Yeezy loves as seen in the David letterman interview ok Kanye West in the series on Netflix where David Letterman was seen visiting Kanye's house to reviews Yezzy clothing and understand his vision for the future and the motive of the Sunday Service Yeezy has started since 2019 and is still going on every single Sunday without any skips. Letterman described the experience as something so special he wanted his own family to the Sunday Service to witness the event and feelings that are hard to be described through words alone.

The approach to these houses seem to be according to the interviews and information available on this project is that these houses are going to be not only sustainable but will also employ sustainable practices, like hydroponics and aeroponics with foods ranging from tea, herbs roots to various grains, legumes, fungi as seen in one of his tweets from last September hen he was on a tweeting frenzy.

Photograph of a list of food items being grown in the YCA.

What do you think of this ? is this the start of something greater than Yeezy's rap career? I personally think this is something far greater and not only for Americans who speak English but people all around the world because of the scope of this technology. The way we live is something we can't ignore because of the rapid global warming and the greenhouse gases being produced due to construction technology we currently have Yeezy shelters and the academy can change all of this. There has been a lot of occurrences of this in Kanye's tweets but they are all mixed with hundreds of tweets about Kanyes and Universal music company contract.

The image above shows the inside of the Yeezy Christian Academy as seen in the tweet. Kanye and his daughter North West can be seen enjoying the piano played by some other member of the academy as he is also wearing the blue uniform with YCA initials written on it along with the infamous Yeezy Foam runner that's made by bio-foam algae and was retailed for about $75 only in America. A shoe that will be according to the recent Joe Rogan podcast will be made to be sold at a price of about  $25. Affordable clothing by Yeezy is going to a thing because of the 10-year long GAP deal made by Yeezy expected to showcase the first products in 2021.

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