A.I will probably harm us if not kill us - part1

Machines are far inferior to humans in General Intelligence yet one day it is suggested that they will become super intelligent how do we get from here to there? And is the idea of artificial intelligence becoming Evil actually something to worry about? 

To first understand artificial intelligence we must first understand the term intelligence how do we define intelligence Intelligence can be something can be a capacity to understand abstract data and deduce Useful information out of it, computer programs that are capable of understanding problems and solving them with the help of a mathematical structure are said to be equipped with artificial intelligence. Many will disagree with the definition that I just presented but we have to start somewhere let it be a loose definition for now. 

Artificial intelligence or in short AI is used in almost every single field whether it's Engineering, Biology & medicine, population studies, tacking of virus/bacteria spread, advertising, and feed preferences. It was once considered that solve checking mathematical theorems playing chess recognizing energies animals ine then is something only a human is capable of doing what time has shown with the help of the progress that has been made within the last few decades that computers are more than capable and most of the times better than humans in a task that is considered to be capability are considered to be under the made of human intelligence if this trend continues and artificial intelligence is improved further there is a high probability that there is going to be the thing under the domain of human intelligence that is not going to be mastered by computer intelligence.

AI is not going to be everywhere in our daily lives, it already is but things will get real weird real soon if the growth of AI continues at this rate.

First things first, Yes, AI is really necessary, AI is being used to create 

  • Language translation software & decode ancient languages. 
  • Better U.I. experience in apps like Instagram, Facebook, and more 
  • Diagnosis of patients and the Development of drugs faster is possible.
  • Banking and finance, spam prevention Better encryption
  • Video games, Smart cars, televisions, drones .... and so much more the list goes on.
Now, let us focus on the advanced future of A.I. the technology is going to improve exponentially without us realizing deep learning and machine learning has already enabled AI to be years ahead of us and pretty much untouchable in video games, starting from chess to more complex games like the Game of Go. The possibility of AI being harmful is real, very real but that is nothing new, fire too once was a technology to us that burned our houses, it still does harm us but we have tamed it for the most part and now we cant imagine humanity without it. Similar examples are of the nuclear technology, developed during WWII, it led to the mass destruction of Japan but as mentioned above technology acts like a double-edged sword and nuclear tech is our way to be secure from global warming by ditching fossil fuels. 

No AI does not need a terminator like body to kill or harm humans, glitching banking and medical records is enough to disrupt our lives beyond our imagination, if you don't believe look up Y2K apocalypse.

We must progress and focus on an AI that will help us, though we must always keep in mind an AI with not the same motive us humans can possibly eliminate us by hacking into the nuclear missiles or to be more surgical it can corrupt the world wide net and collapse our economy. But the question is why? why would AI do that? answers to that question can vary just like the ways AI can destroy or harm humans, it may not be something voluntary but some error in its computation

That is more certain because of a large number of computation required to simulate a super mind, just to put things into perspective on why a glitch can occur that may shut down our smart google AI across billions of devices that may lead to loss of millions if not billions in the economy is the fact that it is postulated that the human brain operates at 1 exaFLOP, which is equivalent to a billion billion calculations per sec. imagine a super AI integrated within google, which it is already just in its learning phase will do if it encounters a major error, how our economic and daily lives are going to be affected, internet and google is everywhere, everything will be affected.