Skin, human hair 3D printed by researchers and much more

3D printing technology is now exponentially growing and producing amazing designs that are being proven more efficient and complaint here are the top mind-blowing things that are being 3d printed now.

3D Printing is a revolution in manufacturing processes, additive manufacturing where materials are added as per requirements instead of removed from a parent material this technique promises minimal waste and faster manufacturing at a time where the world is fighting global warming 3D printing is the need that promises a future you don't have to order something and have it bring it to you by someone else, that's time-consuming and your product is susceptible to damage during the transportation process and added CO2 emissions.

Instead, you can just print your product right in front of you. materialize it with the additive manufacturing process of 3D printing. Layer by layer deposition of a filament to create a 3D object that can have moving parts and a wide range of size and functional freedom.

On top of this image making it personalized for you ! and if you are a manufacturer, inventor, or an enthusiast who wants to perfect a design instead of sending it to a factory and wait for it to come back or making changes on your own on the things you have little knowledge of you can print it with the help of the computer and a 3D printer, its fast cheap and gives you a great deal of freedom over your designing 

There is a wide range of applications of 3D printing technology from as simple as a cup to much more complex machines like rocket engines. Here are the top 10 things that are being 3D printed now that you may not know of.

10. Human hair.

As weird as it may sound At Columbia University Irving Medical Center scientists have created a way to grow human hair in a dish by using 3d-printing. This technique could open up hair restoration surgery to more people, including women, and improve the way pharmaceutical companies search for new hair-growth drugs.

9. Food.

Legit food not simple stuff like chocolate but lab-grown meat is now being 3D printed. Israeli startup Redefine Meat is experimenting with 3D-printed steak. The 3D printed steaks will be available at high-end European restaurants by the end of the year if everything goes as planned in terms of COVID 19.

7. Glass.

Yes. Glass, hot liquid glass is now being 3D printed for making magnificent pieces that humans otherwise couldn't have made. 

The researchers from ETH Zurich explain that previous techniques have made objects by printing molten glass or used powdered ceramic particles that can be printed at room temperature and then processed later to create glass.

6. Prosthetic.

Probably the most important thing right now, prosthetics that are affordable and tailored according to the need of the people in a fraction of the time required by the old ways of the prosthetic. 

75% of all the amputations are caused by either cardiovascular diseases or type 2 diabetes both of which are more common than we may think, so providing prosthetics is not only going to help people who met accidents but also those who were struck by these diseases.

In the United States alone one in 200 people have lost a limb that's approx 1.7 million limbs to manufacture each specialized for personal use.

5. 3D Printers.

Yes, 3D printers can print 3D printers now. Well, not entirely but the majority of the parts of a 3D printer are now 3D printable. This is the most meta creation on this list which will allow the potentially unlimited supply of 3D printers to the world though we know that it is still far ahead in the future.

4. Houses.

Humans have been living in concrete boxes for a long time but now with the help of 3D printing technology, we have changed the way concrete will be used in the construction of houses.

Still, something of a novelty and is largely in development, but you can 3D print a house for a lot less money than having one built using more traditional construction methods. For projects that are currently in development, costs are somewhere in the order of $10,000.

This will be revolutionary because of time of production of a house will be reduced and Concrete is the most-used material in the world is going to be used more effectively as it accounts for 8% of CO2 emissions worldwide.

3. Skin.

Skin being our only natural protection from the outside elements tends to be damaged pretty easily, whether it's fire or sun or an infection, repairing skin is not easy as it leaves scars that fade slower than they should but with 3D printing repairing skin will be easier and faster.

Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York have developed a way to 3D-print living skin, complete with blood vessels. This 3D-printed skin could allow patients to undergo skin grafts without having to suffer secondary wounds to their bodies.

2. Rockets.

Rockets are no joke, hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on their construction, but companies like SpaceX are using reusable rockets to bring the cost of space travel down, but some lesser-known companies like Relativity Space are using 3D printing to save time and money in rocket construction by 3D printing them!

According to Relativity Space, their technology is reliable as it uses 100x fewer parts and on top of that, the speed is 10x Faster in production time leading to cheaper rockets and better performance.

1. Organs.

This is where everything defined as human changes, imagine getting any organ replaced cheaply whenever cancer or any type of organ failure occurs. 

Tissue printed as discussed above in terms of skin has already been tested this technology can be used to print a bunch of them in a certain manner to create a functioning human organ

As of now the only organ that was 3D printed and successfully transplanted into a human is a bladder but as this technology grows heart and brain tissues are the most sensitive tissues that we want to reprint for use.