Most underrated Kanye West songs from the 808s & Heartbreaks to The LIfe of Pablo here are some of the underrated gems from the artist

Kanye West is one of the most influential artists of all time but not all of his songs get attention for the right reason and some don't get it as much as they should, the Life of Pablo artist got brilliance that is overlooked sometimes.

New Slaves 

[Yeezus 2010]

Yeezus is in itself an underrated gem, the lowest-selling album of Kanye Wests career only 327,000 copies were sold in the United States in its first week, Yeezus is underrated in so many ways because the project was intended to be an artistic expression of Kanye to express himself, unlike My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy which is an expression of Kanye to impress people after they nearly canceled him for the Taylor Swift Incident at the VMA.

New Slaves specifically is included from the album Yeezus because of two reasons first Kanye himself called its second verse the best of all time and second the minimalism in this song is unlike anything Kanye has ever produced. 

The energy of the song is so raw, and straight forward many people don't like it, but one thing people can't ignore is the fact that this song and this album is an expression of raw inner blunt Kanye and not a sweet college dropout Kanye who is here for the entertainment and for the profit-making of the music cooperations and other fashion brands like Louis-Vuitton or BAPE that have been attached to him since the beginning of his rapping career. 


[Kids See Ghosts 2018]

From the album kids see ghost the song Fire is a gem with production by the outcast legend Andre 3000 himself and accompanying Kanye is another legend Kid Cudi on this but not many people give this album attention for two reasons first being the fact that this album is not listed as Kanye's main project but a collaborative one even though it can  e considered the first part of a two-part album YE which also released in 2018 with songs like Ghost town part2 clarifying its an extension of Kids See Ghost project

The second reason is the fact that psychedelic hip-hop is something not many people enjoy even though it's slowly becoming more and more mainstream because of the artists like Travis Scott.

The song is full of energy in the very first-second instant energy slaps the listener followed by energetic and rock and roll filled instrumentals and verses both by Kanye and Kid Cudi are astounding definitely underrated considering how famous there work is in 808s and heartbreaks this project deserves the same level of love and attention.


[The Life of Pablo 2016]


The Life of Pablo is one of the greatest collaborations of musical talent ever, the album is one of the most popular albums of Kanye West's career, it was illegally downloaded 500,000 times within a week which shows the craze that surrounds this project.

Highlights is a song underrated because many people consider Taylor Swift dissing song Famous the highlight of this album or the infamous Father stretch my hands but the real highlight of this album is the song highlights which in a true sense is a song about the life of Kanye. Filled with fabulous vocals by the Young Thug and a fantastic beat that is full of life and over it, the unapologetic rockstar verses by Kanye make this song a gem.

Kanye also chose to perform this on SNL debut in 2016 which shows how important this song was according to Kanye himself out of all the song in the album, this song does not get the attention it deserves because much just focus on famous, father stretch my hands or wolves or saint Pablo on this album which are amazing songs but no more than highlights in my opinion.

See You In My Nightmares

[808s & Heartbreaks 2008]


Released in 2008 808s & Heartbreaks was an album ahead of its time, Late artist Juice Wrld called Kanye a time traveler because this album was so ahead of its time and this was his favorite album. 808s & Heartbreaks had heavy autotune use in it which was frowned upon in hip hop before this album, many criticized this album and called it trash but now we know it paved the way for many artists we know today like Drake, Travis Scott, and The Weekend who calls it one of the most important works of our time. Kid Cudi certainly became mainstream because of his contribution in 808s & heartbreaks and many still consider this to be the influence for the first Man on the Moon project.

The song See you in my nightmares is an underrated song, it used autotune just like the artist Travis Scott 10 years before Travis Scott, amazing autotune combined with synths that will give you chills, and teaming up with the accomplished artist Lil Wayne makes this song one of the best on this project. The unequivocal change in the voice of Kanye when he sings Tell everybody that you know is one of the reasons why Kanye mastered autotune 10 years before the other mainstream artists we have today.

Follow God

[Jesus is King 2019]

Much like Yeezus, Jesus is King was a dramatic change for everyone who has been following not just Kanye but hip hop music in general. Rap album about Jesus is something so out of the box for people they instantly dislike this amazing album. The hate for this album is not real but it's a running joke for the majority of people because of the notorious Yandhi era, Yandhi was scraped which was supposed to be a follow-up album of Yeezus.

The song Follow God especially is an underrated gem because this song wraps energy around itself like no other Kanye song before this, Its clean and short people may think it is unpolished but so was Yeezus the song is about his relationship with his father and his life around people who doubt him and he also is aware of his human condition of being imperfect. The only problem that I see in this song and album is the fact that it is short considering the fact it was delayed multiple times.