Playboi Carti Whole Lotta Red - Album Review

 Playboi Carti Whole Lotta Red [2020]

After nearly 2 years of wait fans finally have Playboi Carti's 3rd record which is full of experimental hip hop and executive production from the Jesus is King rapper, Kanye West sends this to a new Yeezus level, this is not what we expected but its exactly what we needed from Playboi Carti.

The cover art for Whole Lotta Red is designed by Jung "Art Dealer" Chung.

Whole lotta red contains heavy synths and high pitched vocals aka the Baby Voice which with a few listens you can understand but with only one listen you can vibe with electronic experimental music with samples from various sources like old Bollywood song in Go2DaMoon, The album is packed with 24 tracks all of which are energetic, melodic, vamp, repetitive and full of experimental electronics, hardcore metal where Playboi Carti is expressing himself as a Vampire Rockstar with high pitched and rebellious lyrics. Overall writing in verses contains a repetition of phrases in Carti style and adlibs and Baby Voice is still there but a little bit modified according to the tone of the album. 

PlayBoi Carti is someone and among the very few who can be said to be original, though how good that art is that's produced by him is subjected to different opinions, personally, I feel that if something is low effort or high it doesn't matter as long as you enjoy it. 

The cover is a black and white image of Carti is a good description of how the album sounds raw, unapologetic, and self-centered the lyrics are not something with a hidden deep meaning but raw and straight forward like They tried to turn me into a white boy, but I’m not Lil Dicky in the song Punk Monk, They thought I was gay and I'm robbin' the bank (Bank, yeah) I ride in the tank (Tank, yeah) in the song New Tank where he references the tank Kanye West executive producer on the album gifted him.

Playboi Carti appreciating the tank gifted to him by executive producer and billionaire artist Kanye West on Instagram.

This album was so anticipated by everyone many are disappointed with it because the expectations were way too high and some like Mario Judah capitalized on this project and made this album their gateway to clout by making a meme album with the same name before whole lotta red released.

The album is produced by a whole lotta artist some of them Art DealerDeskhop, F1lthyGab3, Jasper Harris, and Kanye West providing the album melodies never heard before or have heard before but now rebranded with hardcore vampire vibes.

You can almost say that Playboi Carti is Kanye West Yeezus but rebranded by combining Carti's style of delivering and Vampire theme-based beats and synths, this fact is only highlighted by Playboi Carti Antichrist symbols in his Merch and album cover where an upside-down cross can be seen.

What the message of the album is cloudy when we consider these Antichrist symbols hi Playboi Carti is clearly just role-playing as a vampire king but producers like Kanye West who are Christian and have already made albums like Jesus is King seen as executive producers on this project it is amazing. Clearly, paper carti is just role-playing and not actually promoting anything Antichrist. The influence of the old vampire-Dracula vibe is felt throughout the album bringing in old sounds is something artists are now doing a major example of this is The Weekend's Blinding Lights.

Top tracks 

M3tamorphosis (Ft. Kid Cudi) is one of the bangers on this project, the image shows Kid Cudi and Playboi Carti shooting the music video for the song.

The songs pack so much energy and smooth transitions in them the listener is going to be mesmerized by them, one can hate or love this album but some songs are up to the mark for both new Playboi Carti fans and the old ones. The contribution of Playboi carti in the song metamorphosis with Kid Cudi is hilarious when he sings can nobody tell me shit you definitely are going to laugh at his style of delivering these lyrics and we all are here for it because of this is something no other artist can deliver. 

  • Over
  • Go2DaMoon (Ft. Kanye West) 
  • King Vamp 
  • M3tamorphosis (Ft. Kid Cudi) 
  • New Tank 
  • Stop Breathing
  • Vamp Anthem


The album contains some disappointing songs because it took Playboi Carti 2 years to make this project, some songs don't reach up to the point of expectation and don't fulfill and crystalize their motive they seem like space filler rather than actual fully developed songs. There are definitely some skips on this project.

My only problem with Playboi Carti is is that his content is actually thin even after 24 tracks it's going to feel like Playboi Carti didn't contribute much and this album was carried by infectious beats and features like Kanye West KID Cudi and the future. 

  • No Sl33p
  • Meh 
  • Not PLaying 
  • JumpOutTheHouse

Playboi Carti is definitely scoring a whole lotta on whole lotta red with whole lotta awesome songs and producers with infectious lyrics and energetic melodies this album is his best work.

The only thing about the album is that sometimes Playboi Carti contribution to the songs looks very thin because of his repetitive lyrics. The song goes to the moon feels like OK a Kanye West song Vijay Playboi Carti feature the same thing that happens in other songs like metamorphoses with Kid Cudi even though Playboi Carti is roll is more in that song with Kid Cudi his contribution still seems thin in front of Kid Cudi is strong rap lyrics. All of this because Playboi Carti took more than two years to complete this album seems like ok it could have been better. 

I will give this album and 8 out of 10 because at the end of the day what Playboi Carti produced is something no other artist can do in this game and the feeling that you will get after you have done playing this album is going to be full of menacing energy