YEEZY 2021 Drop. How to buy a YEEZY ? March 2021 update.

Yeezys are worth a fortune whenever comes to reselling them. Despite the increased production, the demand is still high and so are the resell prices recently released Yeezy Foam Runner was having a retail price of only $75 (which later is according to Kanye West going to be $20) but because of the hype beast/resellers the price of the Yeezy Foam Runner that was made out of very cheap algae-based bio-foam the price is sky-high, around $500. This article is going to discuss the latest Yeezy pairs. Let's start with the direct buying from the website the latest Yeezy was sold out in under a minute, is the website where they are initially sold before they end up being put to auction on websites like StockX or eBay by hypebeast/resellers.

The website is minimalistic and simple and you won't have any difficulty in navigating because they are rarely pages or sections to navigate on their website if you are lucky enough to find a pair of your favourite shoe and size you have to click to add to cart and fill in the details as shown below. 

Nothing fancy, in this minimalistic website just fill in the address information after selecting your Yeezy pair and shipping charges, are going to be applied also keep in mind you cant order outside America, for that you may need some external help. On the given dates below in the article, the Yeezy footwear expected to drop are going to be available on the website for you to cop.

Kanye West is a global star and so is his brand Yeezy but they are only sold in America through the online platform of Yeezysupply, though if you will look up Addidas store near your location it is possible to buy a pair for yourself. When you are going to buy the shipping address is only going to be accepted if it's in the United States only. That is not only disappointing but a move that supports resellers and hypebeast to keep the hype, resell value and demand up for the headlines. 

Is YEEZY still worth it?

Leaving Nike was a hard pill to take for Kanye West as he explained in a 2018 interview with Charlamagne Tha God that was centred around his mental wellbeing. During their Kanye West explained why he left Nike and chose Adidas for Yeezy instead.

This decision was taken by Kanye because Nike refused to pay him his royalties for the sales of his Yeezy shoes. As a result, in December of 2013 moved to Adidas for more creative and financial freedom. Many may think the Yeezy hype may die now we are in 2021 or it is too late and the reselling prices will come down crashing soon and they will end up with sneakers too expensive and abundant in the market, but the spectacle of the latest YEEZY 450 CLOUD WHITE proved that Yeezy is here to stay and grow as they were sold under a minute! Some day the hype will die and hypebeasts will find something else to make a profit off but the day when Yeezys will be ignored by them is still far away.

Here is the list of the YEEZY sneakers that is scheduled to launch in 2021 : 

(For March)

March 6th The first drop is going to be YEEZY 450 CLOUD WHITE 

This is the Yeezy that was first seen in pairs fashion week 2020, worn by Kanye West himself, this is the shoe that already sold out in under a minute. The current highest bid for this shoe at StockX is $572! because of its could like sole and colour.

March 13  YEEZY BOOST 700 V2 CREAM colourway that is going to be dropping in this Yeezy.

A decent Yeezy nothing fancy but still this dad shoe is having to resell value of $400 at least! because of the hype around it 

March 15 Then we are going to have YEEZY BOOST 388 COVELLITE dropping 

This is a colourway that is rarely seen in Yeezy. Expect $400+ value on this one too!

March 19 Beautiful YEEZY QUANTUM SEA TEAL is scheduled 

Yes, this is sea teal, not really teal but maybe there are some flakes of teal which are not visible in this specimen photograph. Definitely a good shoe with a current resell value of around $200.

March 20

One of the most produced and most recognizable silhouettes of the Yeezy brand this will not go out of style. Expect Yeezy 350 to be $300+ in resell and will surely go down to $250 or something.

A shoe/ croc just retailed at $75, its price will go skyrocket high to $500, Made from bio-foam this shoe is one of a kind not just in Yeezy but in the whole sneaker market. Despite being a different colour than Yeezy foam runner Ararat, it's not much different. Made of algae, the Yeezy foam runner is a one-piece design with cut-out holes, the one-piece design with the cheap algae-based material is the reason why this is retailed at $75.



This is the most anticipated drop, A significantly different colour of the infamous design expect to be higher than Yeezy FOAM RUNNER SAND around $500+

March  27 YEEZY 700 V3 KYANITE


The shell around the blue inner material of the shoe glows in the dark. this Yeezy is here to stay and it is as strong and comfortable as YEEZY BOST 700. StockX current price range of this is $350, Expect it to rise slightly for the time being.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, and where most of us faced lockdown most businesses have suffered a drop in demand and Yeezy is not an exception. Kanye West's business is a beacon for black-owned business, the US federal government sent between $2 and $5 million to the Yeezy brand under the Payment Protection Program so that the business is able to retain all 106 of its employees and pay them without any problem due to the COVID-19 pandemic.