WazirX login. How to Signup for WazirX. What is Wazirx? Wazir X coin

This article will guide you through the sign-up process of the WazirX app If you don't know what WazirX is. WazirX is a growing cryptocurrency that is available on multiple Coin exchanges and is backed by the biggest coin exchange Binance. Here you can select to buy from a large number of crypto coins available. Their latest unique feature, Smart Token Fund, helps crypto investors find expert traders, and let them manage their cryptocurrency portfolio and their upcoming projects will support NFTs too. 

Wazirx had 2M users by the end of March 21 since 2018 when it launched and in the month of April 2021 1M users signed UP! Making it one of the fastest-growing exchanges! 

First, you have to visit this link and download the WazirX app here. 
It's available on both the Play Store and App Store. Then you have to set up a profile choose face suitable login ID and password and for added.
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After signing up you are going to be required to filling the details of your bank account and KYC that stands for know your customer protocol in which your identity proof is going to be submitted, this process can take about 5 minutes to few hours complete. KYC is not necessary to buy crypto coins on wazirX you just need to verify your bank account but to withdraw your money you got to get your identity checked through KYC.

After you are done with the formalities discussed in the above section you are going to be required to deposit the money through your bank account there are four ways to do that IMPS method RTGS method and NEFT transfer along with the UPI. UPI method is temporarily off at the time of writing this article. The charges of each may vary depending upon your bank and the service but it's never more than 10-7.

Make sure you use the same account that you verified to deposit the money in the bank account Wazirx assigned you, which is going to be an ICIC bank account. If you say to use the IMPS method to deposit money on your WazirX wallet through a different account your money will not appear in the wallet.

After you are done with the money transfer (deposit) it shall not take much time within one minute or if the traffic is high 1 hour you are going to see the balance reflected on your WazirX app wallet from which you can go and buy several different Crypto coins you can buy the famous ones like Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Binance coin dogecoin and so many more.

There are other not so popular coins listed that have great potential in them namely metal coin that increased 300% in one-day METAL coin, WIN coin, TRON coin, VAT coin, and so many more coins have shown 100% increase within the day because of there and have the market potential they have the possibility to be more explosive than Jug coins that are well known as Bitcoin