It is compulsory that artificial intelligence take as 6th subject in Class 10 for CBSE Board ? Is artificial intelligence needed for CBSE?

It is compulsory that artificial intelligence take as the 6th subject in Class 10 for CBSE Board? You may be wondering if Artificial Intelligence is a compulsory subject or not in CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education, and whether or not you should take it.

The short answer is No, Artificial Intelligence along with Yoga. CBSE has introduced Artificial Intelligence as an optional 6th subject at Class 9 from the Session 2019- 2020 onwards and has been conducting pieces of training for teachers on how to use AI in the Classroom. 

CBSE has announced AI as a multi-disciplinary integrated pedagogical approach to further enhance teaching and learning across classes 6 to 12 too.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence. 

In today's world of information technology, artificial intelligence and data sciences are pervasive, and education at an early level is needed by the current international standards of education if India wants to boost innovation in the country. 

Whether it is commerce-finance, Medicine-Diagnosis or STEM fields (Science Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) even social sciences all need Artificial Intelligent Systems now and to provide a grasp of what they are and how they fit into the bigger picture in each of the fields students need to learn about it before they choose a stream in 11th standard.

You may skip Artificial Intelligence and take up Yoga if you like, Yoga is a great option too from a personal health standpoint and is academically more scoring too but if you value education, in the long run, taking Artificial Intelligence as an optional subject might be better because of its large scope we mentioned above.