WazirX Coin Review Top 3 must have cryptocurrencies you should have in your portfolio.

This article will discuss 3 cryptocurrencies and their counterparts and why you should have one over the other in your crypto portfolio if you want to secure the most profit over the next months Keep in mind it is in no way a piece of financial advice and just an opinion follow it at your own risk.

1) Wazir X over Binance 

WazirX is now the fastest-growing crypto exchange on the planet. you should know Wazirx had 2M users by the end of March 21 since 2018 when it launched and in the month of April 2021 1M users signed UP! Making it one of the fastest-growing exchanges! 

They are backed by Binance and have their own crypto alongside 150 more on their platform. Its must-have secure crypto that has shown enough progress and user satisfaction worldwide, especially in Asia.


It's available on both the Play Store and App Store. Then you have to set up a profile choose face suitable login ID and password and for added.
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2) Ethereum over BTC

Yes, we all know this one. Bitcoin is nothing but an asset, proof of concept but its better and faster successor is Ethereum.

Bitcoin supports nothing but transactions with a constantly dropping market dominance whereas Ethereum supports so much more than transactions and ever-growing use due to NFT (Non-Fungible Token) compatibility, its chain is also more eco-friendly and decentralized among the users.

It is better for the future on investors to invest in Ethereum for more profit, also in no way, I think Bitcoin will fall it will grow too but its dominance will, and Ethereum will prove to be more profitable for every dollar invested in it over Bitcoin.

3) Shiba Inu over Dogecoin.

We all have been aware of the Elon Musk-supported meme coin currency DOGE but the truth is behind all this hype the drawbacks of the currency are slowly catching up. Dogecoin is highly environmentally damaging like Bitcoin, which was dumped by Elon Musk and reached most of its potential and is still under the control of many people as 50% of the Doge coins are with only a handful of people making it not so decentralized currency. On the other hand, the Shiba Inu coin which is also dubbed as the doge killer has some merits over the Elon Musk-controlled dogecoin. 

Even if Dogecoin will remain above Shiba Inu in terms of value per coin, the potential for profit if we invest the same amount in both coins is greater in Shiba Inu as discussed in the above article because of its low market capitalization and gaining popularity, environmentally more favorable transactions, and truly decentralized nature.